…compilation CD Stateside pressure of the month goes to “Fuck Your Style” mixed by R.A.W. … — Stateside Pressure, Knowledge Magazine, October 2003

From his awe-inspiring turntablist skills… RAW, remains the closest thing America has to a truly underground superstar. — Chris Muniz, XLR8R, October 2003

Legendary RAW presents 14 floor-shredding dubplates, you won’t find these tracks anywhere, by North America’s finest producers. — Bill Picture, San Francisco Examiner, September 24, 2004

Product Description
L.A.’s infamous drum and bass veteran R.A.W. a.k.a. BBOY 3000 has conceived a new mix CD with a title only the most confident performer would dare, Fuck Your Style, the newest release from one of the forefathers of hardcore jungle. In a field dominated by UK artists, R.A.W. has chosen to showcase 14 hard and rough drum and bass tracks from North America’s fastest rising producers. This CD will indubitably define the American drum and bass sound.
R.A.W. utilizes seamless mixing and infamous turntable skills, presenting a CD that makes you want to hit the dance floor. Featuring such artists as General Malice, BBOY 3000, Oscar da Grouch, and DJ K, this non stop dance blend rages from hard melodic anthems to the roughest, driving breakbeats made for the bass bins. R.A.W. showcases his incomparable talent with this dark and dirty dubplate session.



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