Junglist Survival Kit Sample Pack (usb flash drive) – $25


6Blocc’s Junglist Survival Kit is the must have

sample pack for any jungle / drum n bass producer

who wants that classic junglist sound where the breaks

are chopped and the bass is sub heavy. 6Blocc went through

his personal collection of samples that he has collected

over the years to bring you the real jungle vibes that you will

not find anywhere else. This pack comes

with 12 folders of high quality wav files / 170 bpm – all on one USB flash drive.

So order your Junglist Survival Kit USB flash drive today so you can start

making some badbwoy jungle and piss off your neighbors!

Also included is a folder of 6Blocc jungle productions from his label Digital 6

Folders include:

Amen Breaks

Drum Hits

Various Breakbeats

Atmosphere FX

Clash FX

Classic Ragga Acapellas

Ragga Loops

Rave Stabs

Sub Bass Loops

Synth Loops

Timestretch Drum Hits

Vocal FX



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